Conyers Construction Company, Inc. Leases and Manages
Retail, Commercial and Industrial Properties in the Manchester/Vernon, Connecticut area. 

Manchester Locations

Conyers Commercial Center- 59- 81 Tolland Turnpike; includes 49,000 sq feet, includes 25,000 sq of retail space and 24,000 square of commercial office and storage space. Primary tenants include Conyers Hardware, Kaplan Computer, Cycle Gear and Novel-Tees Screenprinting.

21 Tolland Turnpike – 7000 sq ft of commercial space; primary tenant; J.N. Phillips Auto Glass

11 Tolland Turnpike - Two Buildings - (1)3500 square feet commercial office and (2) 9000 sq ft of commercial storage space. Primary Tenant City Joe's Restaurant.

Vernon Location

170 Hartford Turnpike – 3500 sq ft. Daycare facilityTenant is Apple Tree Day Care Center

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